Photo by Studio Sura

Razia Star is an internationally renowned professional belly dancer based in Eugene, Oregon. She has dedicated the past 15 years to the study of her art form and embodies the spirit of belly dance with passion, integrity, and radiant joy.

Razia Star discovered belly dance as a teen through a local recreation center. She quickly became obsessed, taking every opportunity possible to learn, perform, and eventually compete, winning the title of ”Professional Belly Dancer of the Year” (Middle Eastern Dance & Culture Association) in 2004. She spent several years studying with some of the brightest belly dance stars in the Pacific Northwest in addition to cross training in ballet and yoga. Early opportunities to perform to live Middle Eastern music further shaped Razia’s dance style and helped her to cultivate an intense appreciation for not only the music itself, but the magic that happens when movement and sound become one.

Razia recently returned stateside after living in London for six years. While based in the UK, she enjoyed a fruitful dance career which included teaching for two of the top belly dance schools in London, studying with master musicians and instructors from all over the world, and starring as a featured artist at dance festivals and shows throughout the UK and Europe.

Now back home in Eugene, Razia Star is an active member of her local dance community. She offers private lessons, coaching, and belly dance workshops for all levels, and is a popular performer at both community and private events.  An effortless connection with audiences, colleagues and students, an emotional embodiment of the music, and  a commitment to professionalism all continue to propel her towards personal and artistic distinction.

Razia is truly a dancer’s dancer. Her precise technique and emotional embodiment of the music are sweet and pure. Her onstage qualities are further complimented by her commitment to professionalism. Really a pleasure to work with!

Salome Galia (Corvallis, OR)