Booking FAQs

Q. What should I expect from a performance by Razia Star?
In short: excitement, elegance, flair, technical artistry, and professionalism!
Depending on the length of my set, I will arrange my music with a variety of moods and tempos to keep the audience enraptured. This typically means a fast-paced entrance, followed by a slow and dramatic piece, a quick and exciting drum solo, and ending with a finale song perfect for getting everyone (or just the guest of honor) up to dance. I may use props such as finger cymbals, veil, balancing sword, cane, Isis Wings or fan veils during my performance.

Q. Is belly dance appropriate for children?
Absolutely! Children usually love the sparkly costumes and exciting music typical of a belly dance show. Bellydance is 100% family-friendly entertainment!

Q. What kind of music do you use, and what kind of sound system do you require?
I perform to a mix of Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish, Greek, or Persian music arranged specially for belly dance. This can range from classical compositions to modern pop songs, fusion, and folkloric pieces.  The host will need to provide a sound system that can handle burned CDs and play loud music without distortion. I can also bring my music by iPod if preferred.

Q. What kind of dance space will you need?
I can adapt my performance to just about any area, but a ”stage space” clear of low-hanging lights, slippery carpets, excited pets, or other tripping hazards is ideal. Please specify if you would like me to perform outdoors so I can bring appropriate footwear.

Q. What style of costume will you wear?
I wear elaborate costumes made by top designers in Egypt or Turkey. Professional costumes drip with rhinestones, crystals, coins, beads and sequins –sometimes all at once– and add to the magic of the dancer’s performance. Feel free to check out my Photos for examples of my costume styles past and present!

Q. How far in advance should I book?
I have a busy schedule so booking well in advance is recommended, especially for events that take place over holidays or weekends. In some cases last-minute bookings can be accommodated, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Q. What kind of payment do you accept?
I can accept payment by cash, check, or Paypal. A non-refundable deposit is required for all advance bookings and a contract will be provided.

Q. Is tipping the dancer appropriate?
Yes! If the host or guests wish to, tips are always appreciated (but never expected). Often, a bellydancer will incorporate collecting tips into the finale of her performance, or as part of the audience participation. In some cultures it is traditional to tip the bellydancer by (respectfully) tucking folded bills into the side of her hip belt, or with a ”money shower”– tossing the bills into the air over the dancer’s head. 

Q. Will you travel for events?
Absolutely! I love to travel and for out-of-town bookings travel expenses will be added to my performance fee as appropriate.