Private Instruction

Razia Star, Bellydance, Eugene, OR, Shimmy Sisters private lesson

A group lesson with the Shimmy Sisters (Surrey, EN).

Razia Star is available for private and semi-private instruction in Eugene, Oregon. Private lessons are a great way to rapidly improve dance skills and instruction will be tailored to meet each student’s level, wants, and needs. Topics of study can include:
~performance feedback (live or video)
~personalized technique drills/homework
~technical analysis and critique
~musicality and/or rhythm comprehension
~choreography support
~styling tips and make-up lessons
~business advice for the Professional or Aspiring Pro dancer

Private lessons are $60.00/hour and take place in a dance studio in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Interested in semi-private instruction or hosting Razia in a workshop? Contact her for more information!

Whether you need technique mastery or choreography inspiration Razia Star is the perfect combination of drill master and muse. I am so grateful to Razia for making me a better dancer.

Vanessa R. (London, England)